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Welcome to Taphin

Where the Vietnamese people, the Black Hmong and Red Dao ethnic minorities live in harmony

The local companyMuong Hoa Sapa

Your "soon to be" favorite tour operator company in Sapa, owned and managed by the local people. We will be focus on communities development and using internet to raise awareness about Sapa ethnic minorities villages.

About Ta Phin

Learn more about Ta Phin commune, the Black Hmong and Red Dao people, their culture and traditions, the herbal bath, the homestays, the handicrafts...

Discover Ta Phin village

Visit ta Phin village

Our offer is to make you discover Ta Phin village with a Red Dao local guide living in Ta Phin. 1/2 or 1 day tours, sleep in the village with the locals ...

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Get Involved NOW !!

We currently have an fundraising campaign happening on IndieGogo website - Go have a look and support us in our first ever online campaign...

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Become a Friend of Taphin.com

It is now possible for anyone to join our communities projects with a $25 contribution. It's designed to use the "social medias" buttons so you'll be proud to share your unique page with your friends. So they can too, do the same as you !
The best experience there is
Visit Taphin with the locals

The best experience there is

Planning a trip to Sapa soon ? Look no further for the adventure of your life. You just found what you were looking for, even if you don't know you were looking for it ... Our local guides are living in Taphin, what more could you be wishing for ?
Order what you saw in Sapa !
SOON - Our shop online

Order what you saw in Sapa !

Despite the fact that our shop is fully ready to operate, there is noboby in Taphin village to add the products in our website so that's a story in progress, thanks for your consideration and come back soon :)

When the tourists comes

When a village was heard

A hard life, easy to live

Thanks so much to our proud partners, who's making our lives easier ...