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Ta Phin community centre

A university project from a Ta Phin Red Dao lady in Canada

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  • ta phin community house

    Taphin Community Centre

    The actual construction of the ta phin community house (*pictured here) would be a community effort, as there are no...
  • Sapa rice fields - the local company 1

    The local company Sapa

    Local guides from the Muong Hoa valley have quite good English speaking skills and can understand the roads, customs...
  • taphin dot com

    Taphin dot com

    We are very fortunate to have the internet address “Taphin.com” in good hands at the moment but it is cu...
  • Friends of Taphin

    The “Ta Phin friends” is an original fundraising campaign taking place in the village and internet. Tour...
  • IT homestay

    IT initiation class

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is inviting us to apply for its next annual Access to Learning Award 2014, which...
  • sapa you buy from me

    You Buy From Me

    Inspired by Craftlink organisation in Hanoi, representing 63 artisan groups and helping sell local handicrafts from ...
  • Red Dream project

    Ta Phin community house The Ta Phin community house project is put into practice by a team board (Ly May Chan – loca...
  • CBT Vietnam

    CBT Vietnam The PATA Foundation and Capilano University have partnered for a second time in an effort to deliver tou...