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Friends of Taphin

A fundraising campaign where the tourists are contributing to communities development using the internet.

The “Ta Phin friends” is an original fundraising campaign taking place in the village and internet.

Tourists contributing to community developments
Imagine a local villager with a phone-camera, proposing you to help the village activities by publishing a picture of you on Taphin.com website, ready to offer you this unique service for $5 anywhere in the village. The “Friends of Taphin” fundraising campaign is a unique, innovative and great way to generate incomes for the village projects immediately, with the purpose of helping communities development projects.

Ta Phin friends generating sustainable income to the village
Five dollars may be insignifiant to most of people but a lot can be done in Taphin with such amount. When people are joining us (and becoming our friend) they have the opportunity to share on social medias their unique action, and their friendship can help us have even more friends, because visitors are unlimited on the internet, compare to the village capacity.

A members area explaining the Red Dao lifestyle
Because some villagers are very active in Taphin village, we thought about offering them the chance to take part to an activity focusing on giving an insight of the different aspects of Dao culture through a stories done by images, for the whole world to discover the Red Dao life day by day. In order to do that, we need more web development and we’ll soon be ready to offer a website members area, which is the first fundraising campaign goal.

Taphin Community Development Fund (CDF)
Following that, the priorities will be establish by the local authorities and this website will be the way for you to follow the projects progress. Thanks for joining us and spreading the word.

Friends Testimonials

Become a Friend of Taphin TOO

  • This is a good idea, I am keen to see the first 1,000 friends, then 10, then 100 ! Proud to be your virtual friend, all the best to you.
    Eugeane, England