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Taphin IT initiation class

Basically an homestay also used for communities activities with a computers room and more...

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is inviting us to apply for its next annual Access to Learning Award 2014, which provides grant of up to $1 million to organizations that are working to connect people to IT opportunities through free access to computers and the internet, but we are not in position to benefit from such program.

Promote through education, the access to development opportunities offered by Information Technologies (IT) to disadvantaged populations by creating a computer room with free access where people get familiar with the usage of a computer, and more… Our IT initiation class project to ethnic minorities result from a need identified by institutions working on the field.

In collaboration with professional teams, we intend to develop innovative approaches to fight poverty in an efficient and sustainable manner, the objective is to get illetrate people familiar with computers and those who will discover a new passion may also have the chance to progress in this field. (we do not re-invent the wheel)

Bring poor people access to IT technologies

Organizations outside the United States can apply for the Award. Applications particularly from institutions in developing countries providing such services to disadvantaged communities. We would need an expert to submit our application : This programme specifically look for ground-breaking Internet connectivity, training, and sustainable models and programs that creatively reach underserved communities. It is our case but we don’t know how this fundraising world operate… We need a volunteer to help us prepare the documentation, and good-heart people to help us paying the bills so we’re planning to do something about this in a soon future, thanks for reading.

IT homestay
IT homestay first floor
IT homestay first floor 2
IT homestay stairs
IT homestay 2nd floor
IT homestay will also be a place to play
IT homestay 2nd floor
IT homestay teaching floor
IT homestay happy owners
IT homestay activities
IT homestay made of
IT homestay plan from a side
IT homestay plan from another side
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