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The red dream project

Ta Phin Community House is now finished and you can visit it.

Red Dream project

Ta Phin community house

The Ta Phin community house project is put into practice by a team board (Ly May Chan – local leader, Linh Ngo – technician, and Viviana – manager), collaborators and local people themselves. The original idea is proposed by Ly May Chan based on the real needs of the community. It is therefore a community-based project. Major activities include the construction of a community house with conservation garden, showroom, training programs, and propaganda programs. The house design is carried out by a well-known Vietnamiese architect, Hoang Thuc Hao and his team the Young Professionals. This team also participates in other activities of the project in order to ensure its sustainability. All activities are implemented with the official approval from governmental office of Ta Phin, the encouragement of local people, and the collaboration with related agencies.

Ta Phin is a northeast village of Sapa, a mountainous district of Lao Cai province, Vietnam. The livelihood of local people, mostly ethnic minority groups, is underprivileged. Development of tourism in the village has caused an unfair difference among neighborhoods, bad conducts with tourists and local people, and loss of ethnic traditions. This project aims to address these issues by building a community house in a poor neighborhood of the village and raising awareness of local people as well as tourists. The ultimate goal is sustainable development of the local region with respect of cultural diversity and natural environment.

The local people in Ta Phin will construct the community house, discuss and set code of conduct, participate into training programs and propaganda programs, and participate into the responsible tourism conduct (stop chasing tourists)