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The local company Sapa

10 women local guides becoming business owners - 10 program beneficiaries receiving 10% each of a company - Owned & managed by the locals = The local company.

Local guides from the Muong Hoa valley have quite good English speaking skills and can understand the roads, customs and other tourist attractions. To maximise this skill, a “training courses on business skills” has been imagined because Sapa is becoming a famous tourist destination and attracts more & more tourists every year; however, mainly outside businesses are profiting and local guides have not benefited from these services yet.

Unfortunately, most travel tour companies in Sapa do not really benefit to the local people.

The Black Hmong are the dominant tribe in the valley and also, the most entrepreneurial, while the Red Dao also have additional capacities. Together, the potential is enormous …

10 program beneficiaries receiving 10% of a JSC

The project consist of proposing travel packages to worldwide tour operators with a web platform using affiliate program and memberships levels, with premium internet properties (such as BlackHmong.com / RedDao.com) to promote ethnic minorities exclusive services for the clientele who prefer “all-included formulas” instead of just booking a one day trekking tour in Sapa.

Want to invest in Sapa ?

We may be consider a strategic partnership with an existing & successful tour operator company if someone would like to help us transform this project into reality. Contact us for details.

Sapa rice fields - the local company 1
Sapa rice fields - the local company 2
Sapa rice fields - the local company 3
Sapa rice fields - the local company 4
Sapa rice fields - the local company 5

Travelers Testimonials

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  • Travel with the locals and experience the difference
    Ngu Son, Vietnamese resident
  • Do not negotiate prices with the street sellers - Instead, give them more than what they're asking.
    Duong Nguyen, Sapa resident