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Ta Phin community centre

A university project from a Ta Phin Red Dao lady in Canada

The actual construction of the ta phin community house (*pictured here) would be a community effort, as there are no formal builders. Goodwill enthusiasm and sincerity will be the main contributions from our villagers. The rest will depend on the generosity of people like you. As you can imagine : the addition of such a facility will give greater opportunities for my people to have a better quality of life.

Ta Phin villagers have the same ambitions as the rest of the people all over the world but sadly the opportunities are very limited. My burning ambition at this time is to get enough money to be able to build a very simple assembly building so that my people can gather as a group and share their knowledge, goodwill, and warmth and care for each other. In comparison to the West it will be little more than a tin shed, little more than a garage but it will be a community centre. My people do not have any resources other than a strong desire to become equals with the other people in the world and very caring members of the global community. Some materials they can get from the forest which they will readily do, but as there are no manufacturing industries in the village it means that roofing, windows and concrete will have to be imported from outside and carried to the site.

The changing people lives project

Their only real income is from tourists who passed through the village to admire the scenery, look at the quaint unsophisticated local people and perhaps purchase some items of hand embroidery. But the rain, mud, difficult terrain and freezing weather would deter visitors from stopping and moving among the people. There is no secondary industry in the village and no properly developed primary industries in the village that could make the visitors stay and provide some sort of income for us. If we had some sheltered area where tourists could gather and meet the villagers in some degree of comfort, the villagers could display their handiwork and communicate with the visitors and join them for a cup of tea or some group activity such as singing dancing or sampling the local cooking skills.

ta phin community house
community house people
More community house ladies
Ladies in front of Taphin community house
Ladies from Taphin village
  • When your campaign go live, I'd be happy to promote it on my social media and get others to join in.
    Mario, Marseille
  • I can even modify the website Taphin.com for your needs if this could be helpful, just let me know, hen gap lai
    Steven, Canada