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Taphin dot com

A unique and priceless virtual real estate property

We are very fortunate to have the internet address “Taphin.com” in good hands at the moment but it is currently “for rent / for sale” and it would be a catastrophic event is someone else would get it, as we would miss our chance and it could become a website benefiting to “somebody”, instead of the local people of TaPhin commune.

Avoiding all the technical details, let’s just say that it’s now possible to achieve GREAT results with little knowledge. We previously imagined a members area built by the local guides and the villagers as another way to support the local people but in order to offer monthly memberships, we first need to finish building the members area, which will be mainly done using mobile phones.

Creating a sustainable source of income

Unfortunately, some web development & expertise are needed and instead of “investing” in web development, it could be more judicious to ask a web API developer to support us in this adventure but we know don’t know people with such expertise. However, even more important today is to find the way to secure this unique address for our future needs, with Sapa tourism growing at a phenomenal rate – it will be very useful to our children and the next generations.

taphin dot com
Discover unique views because our photographers lives UP the mountains while visitors are staying down the valley
See where people really live, isolated from the world
Sounds like a great plan huh ? Well, most of it is almost completed and only final details are missing.
The members area will featured only exclusive pictures made by the local villagers

Internet Testimonials

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  • The homestay in Taphin was the most memorable moment of our trip, I highly recommend if you have the chance.
    Jonathan Wilton, Boston, Massachusetts