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You Buy From Me

An online web platform selling Sapa local people handicrafts.

Inspired by Craftlink organisation in Hanoi, representing 63 artisan groups and helping sell local handicrafts from ethnic groups. Their products are not sold online and their website is not using internet to it’s full potential. Craftlink had partner with Oxfam Vietnam for the Sapa Fair trade but their program recently closed, what’s next for the local people ?

You can not go in Sapa streets without having street sellers asking you : “You buy from me” or “You buy something from me”, it’s a real characteristic of Sapa and it’s even became a problematic for the local authorities…

Imagine the scene : a street seller approach a tourist … Hello you buy from me ? … NO thank you ! Ok, take my card and visit my shop on internet, the “code 324” will get you 10% discount, thank you, bye bye.

  • In fact, the code “324” is a referrer to identify who made the sale
  • The street seller can be rewarded with a commission ($)
  • Locals could be distributing their own business cards in Sapa
  • The coupon discount makes the tourists happy (and left alone)
  • Offering the street sellers an alternative (instead of following people) in hope of making a sale
  • Also a solution for potential customers with NO place in their luggages
  • It could have an impact on the relation tourists-locals, think about it for a minute…

    Minorities handicrafts sold online

    “You Buy From Me” is a well know expression in Sapa and it became the name of this internet handicraft project for Sapa minority groups (YBFM) where a simple and well executed local campaign (involving street sellers) coupled to an internet strategy to reach the masses will provide a sustainable source of income for the local artisans with measurable results.

    sapa you buy from me
    blong Hmong people in Sapa street
    Some stuff sold in Sapa
    Black Hmong selling at Sapa market
    The typical way to sell in Sapa market

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    • Oh my buddha, what a GREAT idea !!!
      Steve Lennon, Saint-Bruno
    • I liked a blanket but it was too big for my luggage. I wish I could order it online.
      Jenny Bessette, Hollywood, Florida