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Sleep in Ta Phin village

Following the 1 day tour, stay in the village with us, enjoy our homestay and go back to Sapa only the following day.

*as low as $60 per person

Experience the Ta Phin homestay in any village ta phin homestay following a day trekking with our local guides from Taphin will make you discover the area a very UNIQUE way. Not only because of the hospitality of the Red Dao people but mostly because of their simplicity of living, their priorities in life and the knowledge of our local guides is your guarantee of the best experience there is.

Ta Phin homestay in mountainous village

It will be a completely different experience you’re going to live by yourself. Every Ta Phin homestay is special, authentic and owned by the local people of Taphin village. By doing your homestay with Muong Hoa Sapa, you choose to experience the local culture a different way and support the local communities at the same time. Directly because part of the income goes to the people where you’ll be staying and indirectly because 10% of the revenues generating by the local company goes in educational projects in Taphin village. You may notice a small % in our price little higher than other travel companies but you must know that our local guides are paid more than X2 than anyone, which is another way to support the local economy …

Your night in a Ta Phin homestay

You can expect lot’s of tranquility, lot’s of rice wine and lot’s of opportunity of taking beautiful photography. By staying overnight inside a home and see how people really live, you’ll for sure learn in a few things in the process, not counting the opportunity to discover the villagers more in details, learn more about their families and eat dinner and breakfast with them. As a conclusion : your Ta Phin homestay experience will be a memorable souvenir you’re not ready to forget.

Your homestay in Taphin (1.5 day) usually looks like this :
8h- Breakfast on your own
Muong Hoa valley in Sapa

8h- Breakfast on your own

You will meet your guide after breakfast at your hotel reception, and start walking thru mountains.
9h- Be ready to leave Sapa
A nice trek is waiting for you

9h- Be ready to leave Sapa

Enjoy the Sapa lake and few green tea fields on the way to Suoi Ho and Ma Tra villages in rice paddies.
10h- Discover Suoi Ho village
Suoi Ho will be the first village

10h- Discover Suoi Ho village

Take pictures of the Ma Tra valley, then enjoy going through rice fields paddies paradise (june - october.)
11h- Cross Ma Tra village
Rice paddies paradise

11h- Cross Ma Tra village

A nice walk on a stone road which goes through the village, ricefields, cornfields and mountains.
12h- Arrive in Taphin village
Hello, where are you from :)

12h- Arrive in Taphin village

Arrival in Ta Phin village after a beautiful walk in the rice paddies to enjoy the Red Dao welcome hospitality.
13h- Lunch time (the Dao way)
Tip : Taste everything

13h- Lunch time (the Dao way)

Have a break for lunch and a good time to shop for a few local embroidery handmade souvenirs.
14h- Visit Taphin cave
Seeing is believing

14h- Visit Taphin cave

From a mere 20, to 120 minutes stroll deep in Ta Phin cave, everyone can enjoy that place.
15h- Explore Taphin deeper
Customize your experience

15h- Explore Taphin deeper

Have a walk around the village, or enjoy the traditional Red Dao herbal bath, or ask your guide to ...
16h- Arrive at your homestay
They'll be waiting for you

16h- Arrive at your homestay

After an hour (or so) of walk, you will arrive at your residence and you will meet the family.
Starting here, the itinerary change compared to a normal tour...
17h- Take an herbal bath
You're gonna love it !

17h- Take an herbal bath

Relax first and enjoy the traditional Red Dao herbal bath, which is a mix of 32 plants from the valley.
18h- Prepare the lunch
You can help too

18h- Prepare the lunch

Another great opportunity to learn about traditional customs and about Red Dao lifestyle.
19h- It is lunch time

19h- It is lunch time

Lunch time is also the time to discover our local made medicinal rice wine : Good feelings guarantee.
Day 2 : Waking up in Taphin village is a wonderful thing ...
8h- Breakfast a la Dao
Delicious with a local drink

8h- Breakfast a la Dao

A typical breakfeast is likely to be pancakes with honey, sugar, bananas and local fruits, otherwise...
9h- Go back to Taphin
Surprises will be there

9h- Go back to Taphin

Another beautiful day is ahead of you, it is time to return Ta Phin village and the view won't be the same.
10h- Visit the monastery
It was built in the 1800's

10h- Visit the monastery

You will stop you close to the old french church and your guide will explain you its architecture.
11h- Visit the community house
You may understand lot's of things

11h- Visit the community house

Discover the new community house and learn more about Red Dao cultures and traditions.
12h- Hen gap lai
Not easy to say goodbye

12h- Hen gap lai

It is time to say good bye and leave Taphin paradise. A comfortable van will bring you back to Sapa.
13h- Back to Sapa town
Sapa won't be the same after that

13h- Back to Sapa town

End of tour, dispose the rest of the day at your discretion, You may want an 1/2 tour ?

OUR OFFER : Discover Taphin village with a Taphin villager

Take no chance and avoid last minute surprise : Because the number of our guides living in Taphin are limited, we strongly suggest you to make your booking as soon as possible. It will guarantee you to live the best experience there is for visiting Taphin village with a guide from Taphin.

We will manage the following for your pleasure

Those items are included in your Taphin tour

  • A local ethnic minority guide opening you all the doors in the villages
  • With surprising english speaking skills answering any of your questions
  • A smiling attitude you won't forget (guarantee or your money back)
  • Transportation + tickets entrance fees + free lunch in the middle of the day
  • A picture souvenir (of you) in the "Friends of Taphin" section on Taphin.com

  • Book your tour

    It is obvious but we prefer mention it (to avoid confusion..)

    Those items are not included with your tour purchase

  • Insurance and Visa
  • Personal expenses
  • Soft drink (beer, coca cola…)
  • Gifts and Souvenirs
  • Tip to your guide

  • Book your tour

    Have a bigger group ? No problem, contact us for details

    Taphin village is a paradise for photographers

  • 1-2 = $90 per person
  • 3-4 = $80 per person
  • 5-6 = $70 per person
  • 7-10 = $60 per person
  • *no more than 10 per group (per guide)

  • Book your tour

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    Visitors Testimonials

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    • The Black Hmong and the Red Dao are fascinating, and when you walk into their homes, it's like walking into a museum : A living piece of history.
      Chris Bottril, Canada
    • There is a guy (Olivier from France) living in Taphin and he now operate an homestay with his wife. He speak the local language and it's very impressive to see him discuss with the Red Dao. You should considered staying with him.
      Pascal, Denmark
    • I would like the ability to choose the homestay where I'll be staying before going to taphin, does such a thing possible on your website ?
      Surfer, WWW